How Journalists can get involved

Journalists, we’re in the same boat! You rely on people remembering your name to get more work. We realise it’s frustrating when people quote an entire newspaper when they’re referring to an article you wrote (The Guardian said, The Sun says, etc’). 

Can we make a deal? 

As illustrators, we’ll do our best to credit your work by name when we link to articles on social media. In return, you could remember to mention illustrator names when you’re writing an article that mentions an illustrated book.

How can crediting illustrators help you? 

If you include an illustrator’s name in your article or social media post, the illustrator and their fan base are far more likely to share your article. Also, readers love to find out more about artists! When they see pictures in your article, they’ll get more out of your article if they can find out who created those pictures. 

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The Benefits of Crediting Illustrators

By crediting the illustrator you are supporting their career but it doesn't end there, every one benefits too. Read more to find out how.

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