How Writers can get involved

Illustrators care about our writers! We love being part of a great team. 

This campaign is not about stealing your spotlight, and we don’t want to take away any of your money. We know that as fellow freelancers, it’s not easy for you to make a living, either. But we can make you MORE money if you give us a chance to build our careers! 

What can you Do?

Believe we are Better together

The artwork in your book can become part of your brand, especially if you create a series of books. By crediting your illustrator when you share images and talk about your book you are sharing the spotlight, raising the illustrators profile along side your own. This builds loyalty, selling the book is mutually beneficial. And if your illustrator feels valued and sense working on your books is helping their careers, they will be much more likely to stick with you. The illustrator will have the chance to share images, development sketches, talk at events, go into school, all the time promoting your book and contributing to your brand.


just say our name

If you are doing a cover reveal, if someone compliments you on your book looks, if you are being interviewed about your book, if you are doing a school visit, if a reader draws your character… just mention the illustrator.  We’re not asking for you to big us up or critique our work, just acknowledge the effort we put into the book. You can tag us in the image, link to us in social media, just saying our name is all we need. Here are some examples from twitter:

Even celebrities can do it:

use the hash tag #PicturesMeanBusiness 

Whenever you tweet about illustrators’ credit, use the hashtag #PicturesMeanBusiness. It helps raise our profile and people can click on it to find out more about the campaign. Use it to thank illustrators, especially if you feel they have helped you with your business. 


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